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  The Chrysler Building

This is Furniture Follies tribute to architect William Van Alen's 1930
art-deco masterpiece in New York, 77 stories and 1046 feet tall, briefly the tallest building in the world.

It is an accurate reproduction to a scale of approximately 1:150 and by day you can marvel at the complex design, crowned by the spectacular stainless steel spire with its tiers of elliptical arches glittering in the sunlight.  But the building really comes alive at night when all the hundreds of windows are illuminated by the internal LED lights. The triangular windows of the spire can be lit independently.

Walter Chrysler, founder of the Chrysler Car Corporation, was the owner of the building, and Van Alen incorporated various automotive symbols such as
the winged radiator caps and the eagle hood ornaments that help make this such an iconic and distinctive landmark, known and loved the world over.

Our model is made mainly in maple, on a black granite base and features solid pewter castings for the ornamental details.  It stands 2 metres tall on a base 45cm x 45cm.

The actual building has one corner cut off the lower stories, presumably to fit the available site, but I feel sure that Van Alen's original concept
would have been symmetrical and this is how we have chosen to portray it.

Less than a year after its completion, the Chrysler building was dwarfed by the much taller and bulkier Empire State Building (1250 feet and 86 floors) and this is our next project, currently being built.