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This is my original cupboard, inspired by a conversation with a friend who liked the look of dolls houses but wasnít interested in the interior layout and all the scale furniture to go with it, and who often commented on how ugly the television set was, considering its prominent position in the room.   That was over 10 years ago, and over  time the initial rough sketches have developed into the fairly sophisticated range of furniture that you see today.

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This cabinet is made using beech with  mahogany panels and detailing, and measures H.1m20 x W.1m20 x D.0.60cm.   The top features the same inlaid pattern as the  floor of the base, and as with the taller version this design could easily be made as a free-standing piece with all 4 sides the same.

There is an enormous range of possible geometrical patterns that could be used, and Iím also looking at ideas to incorporate mosaic and marble or other natural stone patterns in the base.

 This cupboard with 2 shelves will cost in the region of £3800+vat.