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This very large cupboard measures H.2m10 x W.2m50 x D.0.65cm, and is free-standing in the room.   As  well as housing an enormous TV set and all the bits and pieces that go with it , there is plenty of storage space in the other 4 cupboards, and the whole of the back is adjustable book shelves, so it offers an abundance of accessible storage space.

The main carcase is built in water-resistant MDF and the doors are in oak with mahogany panels.   The 2 central doors open fully to reveal the TV, 4 slots for DVD and video machines etc,  plus 4 drawers for cassettes.   The other sections have a variety of fixed and adjustable shelves.    It is made in 5 separate sections and a base, but even so access for delivery is an important consideration with this type of construction - we were obliged to pass the central section of this cupboard through a window and even then only had a few centimeters spare!

The idea for this design came while looking at the row of old house fronts that frame the old port in Honfleur, not too far from where I live.   I never set out to make a copy, and in fact, apart from the overall concept where each house is a different style, height and width, there is little actual resemblance to the original.   There the fronts are all slate-hung and therefore quite dark, and while my idea was to stain each house a different shade from its neighbour, my customer wanted it left the natural wood tone to match the oak floor of the room.

As Iím sure you will appreciate, there is a tremendous amount of work in a cupboard of this size, and anything similar to this will cost in the region of £8-10,000.